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Jeezy's Hip Hop Hustle: Sippin' Success with Spirits and Secrets

Jay Jeezy Jenkins Adversity For Sale: YA GOTTA BELIEVE book
Jay Jeezy Jenkins Adversity For Sale: YA GOTTA BELIEVE

Jeezy's Hip Hop Hustle: Sippin' Success with Spirits and Secrets

Are you ready to dive into the world of the ATL rap legend, Jeezy? Get ready to laugh and learn as we unravel the secrets to his booming business empire. Welcome to Drippin Culture News, where we sip on the freshest news with a twist!

Jeezy's Atlanta Empire: More Than Just Music

Jeezy, a heavyweight in the Hip Hop scene, isn't just dropping beats; he's stacking bills! In an exclusive interview with Forbes New Money, Jeezy spilled the beans on his eclectic empire that's generating more cheddar than a cheese factory.

From Beats to Business

Jeezy's no one-trick pony; he's diversified his portfolio like a pro. Beyond rhymes, he's conquering the world of business with real estate, books, and a whole lot more.

He quips, "I would say my business endeavors are the most profitable. I have a Steakhouse, a spirits company, and we've brewed some solid spirits. Have you heard of Avión tequila? Shoutout to my partner Ken Austin. We basically built it up, sold it to Pernod Ricard, which is probably one of the biggest deals of the year on the down-low."

Jeezy doesn't stop there. He adds, "And then, I just acquired Naud Spirits out of Cognac, France. We're talking Cognac, Vodka, and Gin. Plus, Defiance fuel water, which is like the athlete's holy grail. It's only a matter of time before we're sippin' on Jeezy's beverages with our favorite snacks."

The Art of Keeping It Under Wraps

Jeezy, the man with the Midas touch, knows when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. He's got a secret weapon, saying, "I can't spill all the beans, you know. My uncle always told me, 'Don't let your right hand know what your left hand's doin'.' I'm still street, after all!"

So, while Jeezy's raking in the riches, he's got a stash of secret schemes up his sleeve. We can only imagine what's next!

It's All About Equity

But here's the kicker: Jeezy's not in it just for the dough. He quips, "If I don't have any equity in it, I don't want to touch it or put my likeness to it." He's not just a businessman; he's a smart businessman.

Jeezy's Literary Triumph

It's not all spirits and sips for Jeezy. He recently hit the New York Times Best Sellers list for the second time with his memoir, "Adversity For Sale: Ya Gotta Believe."

In a heartwarming celebration, Jeezy's wife and daughter took to Instagram to share their love and admiration for his literary prowess.

A Toast to Success

Jeannie Mai Jenkins gushes, "Today I celebrate a remarkable milestone achieved by my husband, @jeezy, whose memoir 'Adversity For Sale' has soared to the New York Times bestsellers list."

And even Baby Monaco gets in on the action with a cute twist, "Daddy, you're the best bedtime story reader ever. And now your book is on the New York Times bestseller's list too!"

So there you have it, folks! Jeezy, the rap icon, turned business mogul, is making waves in the world of spirits, literature, and secrecy. Keep sippin' and watch out for what he's got brewing next!


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